Corporate Exercise Programs for Staff

Maximize Staff ROI through on-site Exercise and Nutrition

Give Your Staff an Exercise and Nutrition Break

If you’re looking to lower your organization’s health care costs, reduce staff absenteeism and improve your employee ROI and overall productivity, give your staff an exercise and nutrition break.

Numerous studies have shown that employees who have access to a company gym or on-site exercise class, increased their mental clarity, productivity and were happier at work–including working better with co-workers.

multiTRAINERfitness brings your organization a unique exercise experience that is as unique as your staff.  Our customized on-site programs will help your staff feel healthier, more motivated and more productive.

We Bring the Gym and Expertise to You!

Our trainers, yoga instructors and nutritional counsellors bring the equipment and expertise to your location.  We train employees in boardrooms, lunchrooms, parking lots or nearby parks.

Having a Team Day?

We can help keep your staff engaged through some on-site exercise.  Or if you need help with nutritional counselling we can provide your staff with a nutritional Lunch and Learn session to teach your employees how to eat better to help them stay alert and avoid midday burnout.

Corporate Testimonial

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