Our Exercise Services

Personal Training

Our personalized exercise services are created with your specific goals in mind. We bring the motivation, equipment and results to you.


Personal Training

Our in-home/on-site personal training sessions incorporate strength training, kickboxing, plyometrics, cardio conditioning, flexibility training (and more) into your weekly visits. We teach our clients the correct way to workout so that injury is avoided and benefits are achieved. We ensure that each visit is different and individualized to each client, to avoid plateauing and getting bored with a routine.


Kickboxing/MMA Instruction

Our in-home/on-site kickboxing or MMA-style sessions are explosive and guaranteed to burn lots of calories!  A combination of one-on-one sparring, kicks and self-defence moves that will get your heart rate up and make your hour-long session feel like it was only 10mins. You won’t be disappointed with this program.


Group/Office Training

Our small group (3 + individuals) training offers clients a cost-effective alternative to one-on-one instruction without losing it’s individualized approach.  Check out our corporate program benefits page to learn why your team should be exercising with us.


In-Home/on-Site Training

All of our services are offered in-home or on-site at the clients’ homes/ condo/ apartment/ local park, and small group training for employees at their place of work.


Why Should You Hire Us?

Check out our benefits page for more information on the why you should hire us and read what our clients are saying about us on our testimonials page.


Rates & Service Area

Check out our competitive rates, service area and contact us to book your free session today.


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