On-the-Go PT Plans and Video Subscriptions

WP_20150729_057Take Your Personal Trainer with You.

Taking a break over the weekend at the cottage, flying out for business travel or going on vacation down south? Now you can take your personal trainer with you, and make sure you stay in shape while you’re away.

Our new on-the-go personalized fitness plans are created with your specific needs in mind. Plus, you can just follow the plan or choose to workout alongside a personalized 30-minute YouTube video, or subscribe to a yearly on-the-go service and have access to both, with new content emailed to you every month. 

We’ll make sure you see results, even when you’re away.

On-the-Go Personal Trainer Plans are great for individuals who:

  • Need help developing a fitness plan (don’t know what exercises to do)
  • Want to hire a personal trainer, but are not sure what to expect
  • Want the convenience of having access to a personal trainer (online or onscreen) anytime and anywhere
  • Travel a lot

How does it work?

  1. Pick your Plan.
  2. Submit and Pay for your Plan.
  3. Once we receive payment we will send you an email with a PAR-Q form and an Online Questionnaire (so we know what your fitness goals are, any health concerns, and if you have access to fitness equipment).
  4. Get your Plan/Video and Start Seeing Results!

What’s included and when do I get it?

Personalized Fitness Plans

Personal Trainer Demonstrating a Chop with Medicine Ball

Step-by-Step Image Instruction.

Click on the link to view a sample of a Fitness Plan

Fitness Plan Sample

Our personalized fitness plans include a plan that is ideal for 1-to-4-weeks of training with warm-up, strength, cardio, and cool-down exercises. Plans include images and step-by-step instructions for each exercise. Once purchased, plans are emailed to you in pdf format within 1-to-2-weeks (1-week plans are delivered to your email box sooner, where 4-week plans make take up to 2-weeks to complete depending on the complexity of the plan). These are yours to keep forever.



Here is an image of our YouTube videos

Sample of a YouTube video workout

Videos are 30-minutes in length and will include instructional exercises that are catered to your fitness goals. You will receive an email with a private link to a YouTube video that only you can access. Video’s expire after 6 months of purchase date.

Check out some of our sample YouTube videos.



Yearly Subscriptions

Get 2 new 30-minute videos every month, catered to your personal plan, by subscribing to an On-the-Go Personal Trainer annual subscription plan. That’s a total of 24 online videos that you can take with you.


Start Seeing Results—Starting at Only $20

Select your Option


For all these programs, individuals must be over 16 years of age to participate. One revision to the workout plan is permitted per purchase. No revisions for videos or yearly subscriptions. Yearly subscriptions expire one year from the date of purchase, videos expire 6-months from the date of purchase. Workout plans will be sent to the provided email address via pdf format. Videos will be emailed to the recipient as a link to a private YouTube video.

For questions, email us at info@multiTRAINERfitness.com, or call us at 647.328.8729.


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