Service Locations and Rates

Service Locations

We currently service the following locations:


Please fill out our contact us form for information on other possible locations.


Personal Trainer Rates (*HST is not included in the following rates)

Number of Sessions (sessions are one hour in length) 1-on-1
(total rate for one participant*)
2 Individuals
(total rate for both participants*) 
Small Group (3 – 5 individuals) 
3 $80/session N/A $35 to $60 /person/session
6 $75/session N/A $35 to $60 /person/session
9 $73/session N/A $35 to $60 /person/session
10 $70/session $90/session $35 to $60 /person/session
20 $65/session $85/session $35 to $60 /person/session
30 $60/session $80/session $35 to $60 /person/session
40 $55/session $75/session $35 to $60 /person/session



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