Benefits of Hiring an In-home PT vs the Gym


Here are some of the benefits of hiring an in-home personal trainer in comparison to purchasing a gym membership and purchasing equipment and exercising in your home:

In-home Personal Trainer 

Gym Membership 

 At Home

 Personalized program (including a full fitness evaluation). No personalized program and personal trainer is not included in membership. No personalized program or fitness evaluation.

Teach proper exercising technique to help you prevent injury.

They bring the equipment.

Lucky if someone shows you how to use the machines, which will probably mean that you won’t be using them correctly and this could result in injury.Wait times for machines at your local gym can be time consuming and frustrating. No exercise technique instruction.Limited to certain machines/equipment and exercises.
1-on-1 instruction every session. You’re on your own. Chances are you’ll be doing the same exercises day-in and day-out, preventing you from seeing any real results. Have to rely on exercise DVDs, which may not be the proper exercises needed for your fitness level or goals.Doing the same exercises day-in and day-out, preventing you from seeing any results.
Increased motivation. There won’t be anyone motivating you at the gym, you’ll have to motivate yourself to get there and exercise. You’ll have to motivate yourself to go in your exercise room to exercise.
At your doorstep, ensuring you commit to your routine. You’ll have to motivate yourself to get to the gym and commit to a routine. You’ll have to commit to your routine.
Goal Setting + Exercise Program + Commitment = Results. Harder to achieve results since you won’t have a tailored exercise program created for you and you’ll have to motivate yourself to exercise up to 3 times a week to see any results—which may take longer to see any results achieved. No tailored exercise program, commitment and motivation will have to come from you, and results will be harder to achieve.

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